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Plants are not merely the sum of their leaves, stem, and roots. Plants constantly remind us of the beauty of nature that we crave when we are confined within our homes and offices. Plants can be the best gift for anyone on any occasion due to its beauty-enhancing character, low maintenance, and steady growth. Plants kept at your home or office can add an appealing look to your room and makes it the most attractive place.

Plants are good for you without any alterations in them. They are simple, yet most useful. What do the plants need from you? Just cheerful sunlight and some water. That’s all they demand to take your care for the rest of their life. Plants standing tall and regal next to your sofa, near your dining or across the top of kitchen cabinets enhance the beauty of the place several times.

Areca Palm at Prashar Nursery

People love to receive plants and they take care of them like their own babies. They see them growing every day and they know that a single plant can do a lot for them. What does a simple plant do for us?

Keeps our surroundings healthy, gives us pure air, keeps nature clean and healthy, and a beautiful eye- catching look that makes your place even more cheerful. Is that not enough to be expected from a small plant?

What plants give us is priceless and cannot be measured. These plants add the ambiance to our homes, a calm reminder, and an appreciation for small things.

What we have often observed that the most common gift people share are bouquets but gifting plants can be more productive as these will stay with you forever and keep benefitting you. Also, these plants will enhance the beauty of the place and become our family members.

Why waste so many flowers and leaves in form of bouquets rather than modify your thought and substitute those bouquets with plants.

Plants are one of the most beautiful and sustainable gifts you can find, and not necessarily you have to run for various colors in flowers simply leafy green plants are good to go to be kept anywhere in the house or office that can add definition to your room.

A well-tented houseplant is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It is rather an investment that can be passed down for generations.

This festive season, we want you to enjoy plants and share these beautiful gifts and convey a great message along with it of spreading greenery and improving the environment. Our one small step makes it possible for anyone to succeed and to easily share that with one another.

Poinsettia @ Prashar Nursery

We want to grow with you and we want to grow a new world with you where green is the new trend and green is the new gift. because it is our first duty to protect nature and create a healthy environment. Now let’s take an oath of getting green together by sharing green this festive season.

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